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6) What does the following message on the P2Pay Error Report mean? “WRN * WILL ADJUST NET EPP ON SUMMER PYRL – N?” or How do I keep summer payroll fund corrections/adjustments from impacting EPP participants?

This message is issued when a payroll cancellation and/or adjustment is being processed during the summer months for an employee who is participating in the Extended Pay Plan (EPP) and the EPP code is set to a 1 or a 2 in payroll maintenance.

This will cause the payroll process to generate a cancellation for the employee against his EPP account. MOST OFTEN, this is a mistake, as the cancellation/adjustment being processed should NOT affect the employees EPP funds. This will cause the employee NOT to receive all the funds that have been set aside for him/her to be distributed during the summer payroll periods. However, there are those rare situations where this adjustment of the EPP funds is required.

If the adjustment is NOT wanted, please change the EPP code on the payroll maintenance screens (correct source) to an N.

Moving a space to the flag causes the program to go to the Employee file to see if the employee is participating in the EPP program, and if he is, the flag is set to match what is in the Employee file. An N tells the program that this particular payroll source is NOT to have any EPP processing completed against it.

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