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1) Which payroll deductions are always taken and which are only taken when insurance deductions are made?

Longevity*, OASI, OAHI, FIM, WCI, retirement (TRS, ORP, and CSRS), UCI, and FIT, Students Loans, SIT, and Tax Levy ** (if enrolled), are always deducted on normal payroll processing (pay types performing deduction calculations - see B/P/P System Code Book).

* Not calculated for pay types J, M, P, U, or V. Longevity is paid only if the pay period includes the first day of the month.
** Calculated for pay types B, F, H, I, or L.

Court ordered deductions and Bond deductions are controlled by a separate option flag independent of insurance deductions. They are calculated for pay types B, F, H, I, or L, and are limited to two deductions per month. I

nsurance deductions (BL, MED, DEN, VIS, OL, ADD, LTD, DL, LTCE, and LTCS), spending accounts, English Proficiency deduction, Employee Organization Fee, Credit Union, Charitable Contributions, Texas Tomorrow Fund, Parking Fee, Texas Protects, Charitable Contributions - Higher Education, User Services Fees, FIA, FIB, FIC, and FIR are all controlled by the insurance deduction flag. This flag is usually a 1 or a 2 depending on whether the payroll to be processed is the first or the second biweekly payroll for the month. It is always “on” to take the deduction on a monthly payroll.

Roth and Annuity Deductions are taken until the monthly employee deduct amount has been met. The percentage option will take a deduction for each payroll.

Extended Pay Plan (EPP) withholdings automatically occur on pay types B, I, L, and H, for all payroll pay dates for the months defined as the academic year (accounting months of September through May). EPP amounts will also process for pay types C and E when indicated on the P2PAY record based on the EPP code in the Employee file (if the P2Pay record flag is blank).

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