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  1. Which payroll deductions are always taken and which are only taken when insurance deductions are made?
  2. Which payroll deductions are based (deducted) on the accounting period and which are based (deducted) on the actual pay date?
  3. Which payroll deductions are halved when taken on a biweekly payroll?
  4. How is the OASI covered wage calculated?
  5. How is the amount to be withheld for the Extended Pay Plan (EPP) calculated?
  6. What does the following message on the P2Pay Error Report mean? “WRN * WILL ADJUST NET EPP ON SUMMER PYRL – N?”
  7. How is Court Ordered Deduction (Child Support) disposable income calculated?
  8. When an employee does not have enough money on a payroll to have the health premium deducted, what is the status of the employer payment for the health premium? (i.e., is the employer payment made or taken)?
  9. How will an employee's pre-taxed health, dental, vision, or accidental death and dismemberment premium amount (tax-sheltered amount) be affected if the employee misses a payroll deduction and the computer automatically “catches up” on a subsequent payroll?
  10. How is the overtime rate calculated for biweekly employees?
  11. When are students paid? What are the processing options?
  12. On the W-2 forms, do TRS and/or ORP show as tax-sheltered amounts in Box 12?
  13. How does an employee get a replacement copy of their Form W-2 they misplaced? Or An employee’s Form W-2 needs to be corrected. How do I process the correction and get it to them? 
  14. What are the necessary steps to take in order to pay a foreign national who does not have a Social Security Number?
  15. Why is someone who is coded as being eligible for longevity on Screen 101 in Personnel Maintenance not receiving the longevity pay?
  16. How can full time staff be paid for a supplemental teaching "position" so that he/she will not lose his/her longevity pay?
  17. How is longevity/retiree/hazard duty months of service credited each month? Why do some employees have more than one?
  18. What is the relationship between longevity and hazard duty pay? How should months of service for each be recorded?
  19. What updates take place in the Personnel Maintenance on Screen 101 as a result of “normal” payroll processing?
  20. Which fields in the Personnel Maintenance are automatically updated as a result of normal budget entry (Form 500/EPA processing)?
  21. What is FIT-LOCK?
  22. What are the purposes of the reports produced during month-end processing dealing with the foreign national tax status? Do I have to make any corrections or is everything automatically updated for me?
  23. What are the criteria that determine whether or not a particular payroll deduction is calculated on a payroll?
  24. A new-hire was entered as NOT being eligible for the ORP Supplement when, in fact, he WAS eligible. How do I correct this error?
  25. An incorrect Social Security Number has been entered in the Personnel Maintenance. How do I delete this record?
  26. When will a new direct deposit assignment or a change in an existing direct deposit assignment go into effect?
  27. Will Accounting Analysis changes processed via the P2PAY Reporting affect ALL voucher types, including cancellations and adjustments?
  28. A monthly paid non-exempt employee has accumulated all of the FLSA compensatory time allowed. There is a need to pay the employee for overtime hours worked. How do I enter this so that this payment is not on the Quarterly FTE Report?
  29. How is the Federal Income Tax calculated for biweekly payrolls with a pay period of other than 10 working days?
  30. Which biweekly payroll are supplemental payments such as communication allowances processed on?
  31. Is there a list that explains all of the payroll deductions and how they are processed? (Payroll Deductions Table)
  32. Why is longevity pay coded as “salary/wage” rather than “benefit”?
  33. Why is the first biweekly paycheck of the fiscal year always short?
  34. What does the following message on the P2Pay Error Report mean? "WRN * TEMP SSN BEING PAID ON STATE FUNDS"
  35. Why is additional FIT not withheld on the first biweekly payroll of the fiscal year?
  36. How does BPP determine when to calculate UCI and WCI?
  37. The Tobacco User Flag is 'N' so why was the Tobacco Premium charged?
  38. Why do I get the warning message, “PEOPLE FILE TOTAL NOT ADJUSTED BECAUSE OF ORIGINAL PAID DATE”, on my Payroll Preparation Errors Report (A13R001)?
  39. What if the new employee already has an I-9 in Guardian?


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