How do I reset my BPP password? »

If you are ever 'locked out of BPP' or your 'access has been revoked', you will need to have your password reset by the BPP Operations Center.  Just email your BPP UserID to and request that they reset your password.  They will email you once your password has been reset.

Once you have been notified, you may then log into the B/P/P System with your BPP UserID using the default password. (The Authorized Security Requestor for BPP at your location can tell you the default password if you forget.)  An on-screen message  will prompt you that your password has expired and that you should enter a new password. 

A BPP UserId password has 4 characteristics,

  • It must be exactly 8 characters
  • It must contain both letters and numbers.(no special characters are allowed)
  • It cannot be one that you have previously used.
  • It cannot contain common Aggie words like 'gigem', 'aggie', etc. 


You will then confirm this new password by entering it again.

Every 90 days, the password will automatically expire and you will need to create a new one. Beginning 10 days prior to the expiration, you should begin seeing a reminder that it is about to expire.