What is B/P/P? »


The Budget/Payroll/Personnel (B/P/P) System is an integrated data management system used by each member of the Texas A&M System. Its core function is to to provide a centralized administrative computer system to support the data processing and reporting requirements for the three functional areas of budegt planning, payroll processing and personnel record keeping. 

Through its mainframe and web interfaces, the B/P/P System provides standardization in data collection, storage and reporting. This provides substantial cost savings for each of the TAMUS members by eliminating duplication and allowing for administrative efficiencies. 


Developed in the late 1970's, the B/P/P System was originally designed to be accessed via an IBM 3270 terminal type of computer. Today, processors utilize terminal emulation software on a standard pc to directly access each of the B/P/P System 'green screens'.

In the early 2000's, web applications were developed to allow individual employees to directly enter data into the B/P/P System instead of relying on administrative processors.  These applications include TimeTraq, HRConnect and iBenefits. 


The B/P/P System shares data with many internal and external systems. Through its Budget module, it integrates with the TAMUS Financial Accounting Information Management System (FAMIS) which allows users to monitor and modify payroll transactions through each part of the process.

It's Payroll module creates ACH transactions with banks across the nation to electronically transfer an employee's pay directly into his personal bank account. It is also responsible for reporting tax information to both state and federal governments.

The Personnel module reports demographic information to various state and federal agencies. It also integrates with the systems of multiple insurance providers in maintaining insurance coverages each employee.


The core B/P/P System is developed and maintained by the staff of the B/P/P Operations Center (BPPOC). They ensure that the day-to-day processes are working correctly as well as develop new system features. They also work closely with the Enterprise Software Initiatives (ESI) group with integrating the various ESI web applications. 

Support for the Workstation processors is handled by the BCS User Support group. This group works closely with BPPOC and ESI to support the B/P/P System and its related web applications.