How Do I Subscribe to the BPP News Feed? »

The BPP News is an RSS feed that provides brief and timely announcements about updates to the BPP System and BPP website. Because it is an RSS feed, it can be viewed in internet browsers, mobile apps, RSS readers and email applications.

There are several ways to subscribe to the BPP News feed.

  • Users of the 'BPP Profile' in Host Explorer have a 'BPP News' button on the toolbar. Clicking this button opens a browser window displaying the BPP News.
  • You may copy the URL below¬†and paste it directly into an RSS feed reader.
  • The links below are Microsoft's instructions for subscribing to an RSS feed in Outlook and Internet Explorer
  • Clicking the link below will open a new window with a list of popular RSS readers. Click the logo of the reader you currently use and you will be automatically subscribed to the feed. There is also a choice to have the BPP News delivered by email.