Why Doesn't My Keyboard Work Like It Did Before I Installed The BPP Profile? »

6) Why Doesn't My Keyboard Work Like It Did Before I Installed The BPP Profile?

The BPP Profile uses many customized properties for the mouse, keyboard, color scheme etc. Some of these properties may be different than the ones you were using before you installed the profile. It is possible to change any of these properties to suit your particular environment or taste. To maintain the integrity and usefulness of the BPP Profile, we suggest creating a new profile based upon the property settings of the BPP Profile instead of directly editing the BPP Profile properties.

Creating A Customized Profile

All of the settings in a Host Explorer session are referred to as a profile. It is possible to create a profile of settings that combines pieces of multiple profiles. Begin by opening the Session Profile dialog, either by clicking the Session Properties icon on the toolbar or choose Settings from the Options menu on the menu bar. Select the Category of properties you wish to edit. For this example, choose the Keyboard category. Choose the ‘General’ tab.
Click the ‘Save Scheme As’ floppy disk icon.
A ‘Save Scheme As’ dialog box should open.
In the ‘Scheme Name:’ box type the name for your new Keyboard Scheme profile. For this example, type the name, ‘My Keyboard Scheme’.
Click the ‘OK’ button. Now make the changes to suit your needs. Remember to save your changes by clicking the ‘Save Scheme As’ floppy disk icon. You have just created a custom Keyboard Scheme to use with your BPP Profile. If you wish to go back to the BPP Profile Keyboard Scheme, simply choose it from the drop-down selecton box under Keyboard Scheme. Any future installation of the BPP Profile will overwrite any settings named ‘BPP Profile’, so name your custom settings with a different name so you will be able to use them in later releases.

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