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5) Why Doesn't Anything Happen When I Click On The Web Links And URLs On The BPP Screens?

The web links or URLs used on the BPP screens are also referred to as Hotspots. A Hotspot is a designated area of the screen or specific text that acts as a trigger to perform a predetermined action. They are activated when the mouse pointer is placed on top of the Hotspot and the left mouse button is clicked.

Hotspots are an optional feature and may not be enabled for your BPP session. To verify that Hotspots are enabled for your profile settings, slowly move the mouse pointer, usually an arrow, across a web link URL. If the arrow changes shapes, usually to a hand with a finger pointing, then Hotspots are enabled for your session. Clicking the left mouse button will trigger the action.

If Hotspots are not enabled for your profile, you may enable them from the menu bar across the top of the BPP screen. Open the View menu and click on the Hotspots option to toggle Hotspots on or off. Hotspots are enabled by default in the BPP Profile.

Changing the Appearance of the Hotspots

By default, the Hotspots will appear as Outlined Buttons. In the BPP Profile, the default setting is Invisible. It is possible to change the appearance of the Hotspots by editing the ‘Hotspot - General Properties’ settings.

From the menu bar across the top of the BPP screen, open the Options menu.
Choose the Session Properties option.
Click the ‘+’ sign next to the Hotspots category to open the available choices.
Choose the General tab.
Open the Hotspot style drop-down menu to select one of the available choices.
Click the ‘OK’ button when finished.

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