What Is The BPP Profile? »

The BPP Profile is a custom Host Explorer configuration that enchances the 3270 interface by adding mouse navigation, custom menus and utilization of the web browser.  It is is not required in order to use the BPP System but some users find the additional features helpful.

Once the profile is installed, the user may continue to use the BPP System as they did in the past and only use the BPP Profile features when needed. The BPP Profile can be un-installed at any time without affecting any of the user’s existing settings.  

Listed below are some of the features of the current version of the BPP Profile 1.20.   Click here for Download and Installation Instructions. 


A Hotspot is a designated part of a BPP screen that when the cursor is put on top of it and the left mouse button is clicked, a pre-defined action is triggered. It is similar to a button or hyperlink on a web page.

Hotspots are outlined and the mouse pointer will change from the default cursor arrow, to a hand with a pointing finger when it passes over a Hotspot. Most will have a hovering tool tip that explains the Hotspot’s action.

Here are some of the Hotspots enabled by the BPP Profile.

  • Function Keys -The PF key menu bar at the bottom of each BPP screen has been Hotspot enabled where each of the PF key labels acts as a Hotspot for the specified PF key number. For example, the Help label of the PF1 key is a Hotspot. When clicked, it will trigger the same action that pressing the F1 key accomplishes.
  • Pop-Up Windows - Each of the corners of a pop-up help window where the ‘+’ character is located. Clicking this Hotspot duplicates pressing the F3 key and will close or escape out of a pop-up help window.
  • ‘Email:’ Screens 111 and 140 have Hotspots on the word ‘Email:’ Clicking this Hotspot will open a blank email message with the employee's email address from the screen populated in the ‘To’ part of the email message.
  • ‘Screen:’ and ‘UIN:’  - These two fields are Hotspots on  every screen and will open their corresponding pick-lists when clicked.
  • URLs - Hyperlinks that begin with the characters http:// are Hotspots and will open a web page related to the information on the screen.
  • Expanded Screen - The expanded screen symbol '+' is a Hotspot on several screens including 101 and 106.  Clicking this symbol will expand the screen to show more detailed information.

As a result of the BPP Profile using these Hotspots, sometimes a screen may have an ‘unintended’ Hotspot because the words or characters match those of a Hotspot on a different screen. The BPP Profile Hotspots should be evident from the context of the screen being used.


Mouse Navigation

The BPP Profile tries to provide intuitive mouse functionality while navigating the screens.

  • Left Mouse Button - 
    • Moves the cursor to the position of the mouse pointer.
      • If clicked next to an item in a list, it will select that item - for example the Change Log or UIN picklist
    • Clicking the left mouse button twice, ‘double-clicking’, acts as a select feature.
      • Double-clicking inside of a word will highlight the entire word and copy it to the computers clipboard.
      • Double-clicking while holding the CTRL key will select the entire screen and copy it to the computer’s clipboard.
  • Right Mouse Button
    • Clicking the right mouse button on a field will open the pick-list or help pop-up for that field.
    • Clicking the right mouse button while a field is highlighted will open the mouse menu next to the mouse pointer’s location.
  • Mouse Scroll Wheel
    • Advances a list up and down.


Custom Menus

The BPP Profile uses custom menus on the Host Explorer menu bar across the top of the screen.

  • Web Applications Menu
    • Single Sign On (SSO) – This opens the web browser to the menu screen of SSO.
    • Canopy – This opens the web browser to the log-in screen of Canopy.
  • Help Menu
    • E-mail BPP – This opens a blank e-mail message addressed to BCSSupport@tamus.edu.
    • E-mail this Screen – This opens an e-mail message with a copy of the current BPP screen as the body of the message.
    • About Session Profile – This opens a pop-up window displaying the active profile’s name and the current version of Host Explorer being used.


Mouse Menu

This menu appears next to the mouse pointer after a field has been highlighted and the right mouse button is clicked. 

  • List Help – Opens to the available help list for the field the cursor is in.
  • Copy – Copies the highlighted part of the screen to the computer’s internal clipboard. Grayed out if nothing is highlighted.
  • Paste – Pastes the computer’s clipboard contents into the input field under the cursor. Grayed out if clipboard is empty.