Is There An Easy Way To See The Possible Choices For A Field? »

There are three resources for learning the possible choices for a particular field. 

Pop-Up Help Windows

The pop-up help window is the easiest and quickest way to learn about a field in the B/P/P System. This is a small window that ‘pops’ open on top of the field that has requested the help. The window will usually contain a list of possible values that can be selected for the field. This is referred to as a pick-list. It may also contain a brief explanation of the field or a hyperlink to more detailed information available on the internet.

The pop-up help window is activated by pressing the F1 key. When using the BPP Profile, the pop-up help window can be activated by clicking ‘Help’ at the bottom left of each screen. Additionally, the BPP Profile can activate help by clicking the right mouse button while the mouse pointer is on the field.

Code Book

The B/P/P System Code Book is an alphabetical listing of all of the fields in the system and their possible values. It is in pdf format and available on the BPP website.

Screen Documentation

Each of the screens in the B/P/P System is documented in a standardized format that includes a summary of the screen’s function, an image of the screen, and a listing of all of the screen’s fields and their values. The screen documentation is in pdf format and available on the BPP website.

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