Is It Possible To Search The BPP Website? »

The BPP website has hundreds of individual documents to support the B/P/P System. Most of the documents can be accessed via the navigation menu on the website. Sometimes it is easier to search for specific words or phrases to see all of the available documentation for a particular topic. The website has three distinct search tools.

System Offices Search

At the top of each BPP webpage is a search box. Entering a search query in this box will search ALL of the System Offices websites, including the BPP website. This search is the most comprehensive but also returns results that may not be related to the B/P/P System.

BPP Website Search

The BPP website homepage has a search box that will search ONLY content on the BPP website. At the top of the search results page are two filters, ‘HOPs’ and ‘FAQs’. Clicking one of these filters will show only the search results of that type of filter. This filtering feature will help to quickly sift through many results by type. Additionally, using the keyword ‘screen’, as in ‘screen 101’ or ‘personal data screen’ will return that specific screen documentation to the top of the search results list.

HOP Search

The Hot Off The Press page has a search box that will search ONLY the content of HOPs. Entering the 3-digit number of the HOP will return that specific HOP.

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