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  1. What do I do when I am notified that a drafted account had insufficient Funds?
  2. What do I do if only a partial amount of a bank drafted amount needs to be refunded?
  3. How does the due date on the Billing Information Screen (118) get updated?
  4. A person has just retired from being an active employee, or a working retiree. How is this handled?
  5. Can an employee be put on Draft the same month he/she becomes a retiree?
  6. A person has paid more than the invoice amount, what should I do?
  7. What do I do when premiums that should have been paid by the state were billed to and paid by the employee?
  8. When will I need to request a new invoice through the Bill Request Screen (641)?
  9. What should I do if a retiree or retiree’s spouse dies, and we find out several months after-the-fact?
  10. What should I do if the retiree pays, but the payment is for less than the total due?
  11. I need to change medical carriers for a retiree. How is this handled?
  12. Can a change be made to the Billing ACH after it has been created but before the drafts are posted?
  13. I have corrected a retiree’s overpaid bills and Screen 118 now shows a credit for those months. However, the Bank Draft Report does not show a credit. Is there a way to get the credit to the employee before the next bank draft is made?
  14. An employee goes on military leave. They cancel their own coverage but keep coverage for spouse and/or children. How do I handle this?
  15. What do I do when a person pays multiple months of insurance premiums in advance?
  16. The Tobacco User Flag is 'N' so why was the Tobacco Premium charged?


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