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Business Computing Services System Support

The B/P/P System and its related web applications are supported by the BCS Support Group and the BPP Operations Center. They are separate support functions and each has its own area of responsibility. In an effort to provide better service, two distinct emails are provided to ensure help requests are handled in a timely manner.

This email is for application related issues such as:

  • Requesting access to an application
  • Questions about using an application
  • Requesting a feature or reporting a bug 

This email is for issues related to the production process of the B/P/P System such as:

  • Requesting or Updating BPP screen access
  • Scheduling issues; postponing a process to allow late entry
  • Reports:
    • Distribution –  if they have been run or need to be rerun
    • Requesting an ad hoc (or as needed) report to be run
    • Changing a print location or number of requested copies

BCS Main Phone


BCS User Support

BPP Production


While the support group often relies on the expertise and knowledge of the BPP Staff and the ESI Staff, requests for support should begin with one of the support email addresses above instead of an individual staff member.

Peer Support

The B/P/P System tries to accomodate each TAMU System member's unique business practices while maintaining the standardization required by the TAMUS System policies. Because of these different practices, the BCS Support team encourages the Workstations to help each other resolve matters regarding business rules and procedures.