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BPP SQL/Access Database

The BPP SQL Database is a database that contains current data from the BPP system. By using this database, users are able to produce their own queries, reports, etc. more quickly and to their specifications. The database is updated with information from the B/P/P Mainframe System nightly Monday through Friday.


Also available on the BPP Server is a copy of the calendar year to date Earning Register for each payroll office. Using the ALVA System View, this report may be searched, viewed and printed as needed. This is a much simpler method to retrieve data rather than using microfiche.  The Earnings Register for each month is usually available by mid-month the following month.

Connecting to the BPP SQL/Access Database and ALVA

First, you will need to print the "BPP SQL and Alva Statement of Responsibility" form at the top of this page and fax it to the B/P/P Operations Center at (979) 458-6299. (Please include an e-mail address on the form where the user requesting access can be reached. There is not a space for this on the form but you can write it under the name.) After the form has been processed you will be notified of your username and password to logon to the BPP Terminal Server. 

Once you have this logon information, you can proceed with setting up your PC.

Setting up your PC

We have now setup a Terminal Server that is essentially a Remote Desktop you can logon to and gain access to the SQL/Alva data.  Users will no longer connect directly to the SQL tables or map drives on their local machine to our servers as they have done in the past.  This also eliminates the need to install a VPN client on your PC.  We will be phasing out the old methods of connecting and transitioning to the new method over the next several months.

For information on how to connect to the Terminal Server, follow the instructions in this step‑by‑step guide. 

TAMUS Terminal Server Setup for BPP SQL/Alva

Adding New Fields or Tables to the SQL/Access Database

After your Access database is setup, new fields or new tables are added to the SQL/Access database from time to time.  If you need access to these new fields, you will need to manually relink your tables to pick up the new information.  The following documents explain how to do this.

Information on relinking table to pick up new fields is located here.

Information on adding a new table to your Access DB is located here.

If you have any questions please call or send an e-mail to BCSSupport@tamus.edu