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 A&M Care plans:Medical (BlueCross Blue Shield)


Active employee cards:

  • Begin with the prefix TXW and show copays


Retiree cards:

  • For the A&M Care plan, the card uses the prefix TXW if the retiree or any other covered dependent is under age 65 – this card has the copays for those under 65 and also indicates “Medicare primary – No copay” since there may be covered members over 65 (because it covers both situations, this can be confusing)
  • For the A&M Care plan, the card uses the prefix ZGB if the retiree is over 65 and all covered dependents are age 65 or older – no copays are shown on the card
  • For the 65 + Plan, the card uses the prefix ZGB and does not have the copays since all enrollees should be Medicare primary.
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield Network
  • Benefits Value Advisors (PDF)


Prescription Drugs (Express Scripts|Medco)

Graduate Plan:

  A&M Dental:

  Dental HMO:


Separate No-cost Discount Vision and Hearing Plan

EyeMed Mobile App Instructions:  Enter the web address,, into the Internet browser on your smart phone. The website will automatically take you to the mobile-optimized site.


 Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)

 Long-Term Care 

 Long-Term Disability 

Cigna - beginning 9-1-2011

The following products are also available to employees enrolled in Long-Term Disability

 Flexible Spending Accounts

 Pre-Tax Premium Plan

 Discount Programs/No Enrollment Necessary

 Relocation Network - GMS (Global Mobility Solutions)

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