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Frequently Asked Questions


  •  If I have vision coverage through my health plan and through EyeMed Vision Care, how do the benefits coordinate?
    You should submit your vision care expenses first to your health plan. Then submit your Explanation of Benefits from your health plan to EyeMed Vision Care. EyeMed Vision Care pays secondary to your health plan and will pay its benefits based on what you've already received from your health plan.
  •  Where can I get a list of EyeMed Vision Care network providers?
    Contact EyeMed Vision Care at (866) 862-4300 or search for providers on the EyeMed Vision Care web site,  Choose the "Select" network in the drop down box.
  •  I wear trifocal lenses. Are these covered by EyeMed Vision Care for the $15 copayment, or do I have to pay extra?
    Single vision, bifocal, trifocal and lenticular lenses are all covered for a $15 copayment when you use a network provider. The copayment also covers scratch coating. You pay extra only when you buy other elective features. The plan pays limited benefits if you use a non-network provider.
  •  Under EyeMed Vision Care, what will I have to pay for contact lenses?
    The plan will pay 100% of the cost for standard contact lenses at a network provider. For conventional disposable contact lens, the plan will pay up to $150 at a network provider. The plan will pay 100% for medically necessary contacts. If you go to a non-network provider the plan will pay up to $150 for elective contacts and up to $210 for medically necessary contacts. Any contact lens benefit replaces the eyeglass frames and lenses benefit.