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Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: How can I get my member ID number?

A: Your member ID number for the health, prescription drug, dental and vision plans is the same as your UIN number. 

Q.  How do I get my group insurance plan information?

A:  Group insurance plan information is available in HR Connect under the Benefits Data Tab using the Printable - Insurance Enrollment/Contact Summary Sheet link.

Q:  I am on the A&M Care Plan and my ID card from BlueCross BlueShield does not list my dependents; why?

A:  The ID cards issued by BlueCross BlueShield only list the policy holder and not the covered dependents.  Coverage for covered dependents is verified to the provider’s office when they verify benefits with the insurance carrier.

Q: I only received two ID cards, but I need additional cards for my family.  How can I get more?

A:  You can request additional ID cards through the carrier’s website or by calling members services. Carrier website and contact information is available online on our Employee Retiree benefits page under Plan Websites & Contacts.