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Annual Benefit Enrollment

You can view/print the Annual Enrollment Booklets and pertinent information links for Employees/Retirees below.

Some materials are available in Adobe portable document format (PDF). To view and print these materials, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader software.  If you need to download this software, please do so at the following:

General Information:  

Plan Specific Information:

2014-2015 Meeting Schedule

2014-2015 Employee Annual Enrollment Booklet

2014-2015 Retiree Annual Enrollment Booklet

2014-2015 COBRA Booklet

2014-2015 Benefits Guide

Premiums 2014-2015

Premium Worksheet

Dependent Documentation Requirements


Contacts for All Plans

Contacts for All Human Resource Offices




A&M Care Plan (BlueCross/BlueShield)

A&M 65+ Plan

Graduate Plan

J Plan

Summary of Benefits

A&M Care Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Graduate Plan Summary of Benefits and Coverage

J Plan Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Plan Comparisons

Life Insurance


Carrier Presentations

2014-2015 Presentations