Agenda Item Style Guidelines »


1.  Times New Roman, 12 point.  (A minimum of 11.5 point is permissible in order to fit the item on one page.) 

2.  One-inch (1”) left & right margins. 

3.  One-inch (1”) top & bottom margins (however, it is preferable to fit item on one page, if possible, so these margins
     may be reduced to .5” if necessary).

4.  Inside address on Minute Order page should read:   

     Members, Board of Regents
     The Texas A&M University System 

5.  Subject lines on both Briefing and Minute Order pages should read identically and briefly reflect the action requested
     of the board as indicated within the minute order itself.  (Refer to agenda item listings from previous Board
     meetings for sample Subject lines.) 

6.  Justify all paragraphs on Briefing and Minute Order pages with no paragraph indentations and one space between

7.  The Minute Order itself is justified, bolded, with open and close quotes, and indented one-half inch (.5”) from left
     and right margins with a .5” paragraph indent. 

8.  Do not insert an underscore after the Agenda Item No. reference at the top of the Briefing and Minute Order pages.
     A field will be created in this area later for a number to be added. 

9.  If an attachment to the agenda item is for informational use only (such as a map) and not considered to be critical
     supporting information for the Minute Order action itself, make a reference to the attachment within the Briefing
     page only, not within the Minute Order.  Do not leave spaces or an underscore after referring to an attachment as
     no letters/numbers are assigned to attachments. 

10. If an attachment to the agenda item is critical documentation in support of the Minute Order action requested,
      reference to it must be made within the bolded and quoted Minute Order itself as an Exhibit (followed by at least
      seven spaces so a field can be created later for its assigned letter).  Any Exhibit reference elsewhere within the
      Briefing or Minute Order pages should be referred to as “the exhibit” only and not followed by any spaces or
      underscore.  If in doubt as to whether an attachment should be included and referred to as an “exhibit,” refer to
      previously approved agenda items for guidance. 

11. Briefing and Minute Order pages should routinely be no more than one page each, if at all possible.  If it is
      absolutely necessary that the Briefing be two pages, indicate at the bottom, centered:
          Page 1 of 2, Page 2 of 2.  The header on the second page should read (left flushed): 

          Agenda Item No.
          Agenda Item Briefing 

     Should the Minute Order also be two pages, the pagination starts over with:
          Page 1 of 2, etc.  The header on the second page should read (left flushed):

          Agenda Item No.
          Date (same date as indicated on the first page of the Minute Order which is the submitter’s date of submission) 

      Avoid beginning the second page of the Minute Order with signature blocks only.  Some text should be brought
      over from the previous page to begin Page 2.

12. If there is more than one page to the Attachment, those pages should be numbered in the style mentioned above,
      as well.  Only the first page of the Attachment should have the following header, ATTACHMENT TO ITEM, on the
      right-hand side of the page, in all caps. 

13. If there is more than one page to the Exhibit, those pages should be numbered in the style mentioned above, as
      well.  Only the first page of the Exhibit should have the following header, left flushed, on the right-hand side of the
      page, in all caps:


14. If a system policy or regulation is referenced in any part of the agenda item, the number of the policy/regulation
      followed by a comma and the correct name of the policy/regulation are to be italicized; i.e.,

          System Policy 25.07, Contract Administration
          System Regulation 60.01.01, Association with Affiliated Organizations  

      Upon subsequent mention, only the italicized number is necessary; i.e., System Policy 25.07 

15. When referencing the A&M System on first reference, use The Texas A&M University System
      (with a capital “T” in “the”) and the A&M System on second reference.   

16. When referencing members, use the member’s complete name on first reference and its established acronym or
      abbreviated name on second reference.  The appropriate acronyms/abbreviated names can be found in System
      Policy 02.04, System Members of The Texas A&M University System.  

17.  For style guidelines on terms frequently used in academia, please refer to the system’s online
       A&M System Written Style Guidelines

18.  The date at the top of the Minute Order page is the date of the member's submission to Academic Affairs or the
       Policy Office - not the date of the Board Meeting.

19.  Check for fragments and repetitive sentences.