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Please use the information below to help determine if your request will be a joint degree or a cooperative degree request.  When you determine the type of request you need, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs (979-458-6072) for the correct process for approval.

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What is a joint degree program?

A joint degree program is an arrangement between two or more institutions that are authorized to award a degree and agree to award it together. All participating institutions are designated on a student's diploma. Participating institutions negotiate and agree on data reported to the CB (e.g. enrollment, graduation numbers), an important consideration in formula funding, as only one institution is able to "count" courses and graduates.

What is a cooperative degree program?

A cooperative degree program is an arrangement between two institutions that allows the degree-granting institution to offer a degree program or portions of the program on the campus of the institution that does not have degree-granting authority. Generally used as a development process to encourage and guide the institution without degree-granting authority to develop programs in new areas. This arrangement expands educational opportunities for students through the provision of a degree program in a community or region of the state that may not have such degree programs available. Many of these arrangements deliver their programs using distance education technologies.