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Administrative Changes Overview

Definition:  Administrative changes involve the creation of or changes to an academic administrative unit at a university or health-related institution. Administrative changes include:

  1. The creation of new administrative units--colleges, schools, divisions, departments. 
  2. Changes to existing administrative units such as a name change, consolidation of existing units, or movement of a program into another unit.

Administrative Structure: The academic administrative unit referenced in this action refers to those units with degree granting authorization.  These are found in degree inventory which can be found and downloaded from the Coordinating Board website.

Notification to the Coordinating Board:  Administrative change requests require submission through the Texas A&M University System office and then to the Coordinating Board for notification purposes only.  The Coordinating Board changed their practice in 2013 and no longer approves administrative change requests.  Requests are submitted to the Coordinating Board so institutional records can be updated.

Approval:  All administrative change requests require submission through the Texas A&M University System office. 

Changes that involve colleges, creation of a new college, consolidation of colleges or elimination of a college, require Board of Regents approval. 

Administrative changes at the department level which include the creation of, renaming, consolidation of existing units, elimination of an existing unit or movement of an existing unit or program into another unit are reviewed and approved by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and do not require Board of Regents approval. 

The exception would be the creation of a new administrative unit that offers programs that are not closely related to currently approved programs at the institution.  In determining whether a new program is a “significant departure,” consider the following questions:

•   What previously approved programs does the institution offer that are closely related to the new program and how are they related?

•   Will significant additional equipment or facilities be needed?

•   Will significant additional financial resources be needed?

•   Will a significant number of new courses will be required?

•   Will a significant number of new faculty members will be required?

•   Will significant additional library/learning resources be needed?

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