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College Administrative Changes

Administrative changes which involve the creation of a new college or the consolidation of colleges require Board of Regents approval before submission to the Coordinating Board.  BOR approval of administrative changes at the college level is required Certification Formbecause the BOR approve dean appointments and changes at the college level may have an impact on an institution’s mission which the BOR also approve. 

Name changes to a college which may or may not be due to the reorganization of current academic programs do not require BOR approval.

Forms for items requiring BOR approval:


Forms not requiring BOR approval:

  • Administrative Change Request Form


Institutional degree inventories can be found at:

To access the institutional degree inventory:

  1. Institution Type select Public Universities
  2. Institution pull down menu select institution
  3. Format select Excel
  4. Order by Institutional administrative structure


The annotated degree inventory should include the current sections of the degree inventory (College(s), Departments, and degree programs being impacted).

Example annotated degree inventory.