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The following is a list of Academic Proposals and Board of Regents Agenda Items received by Academic Affairs.  To check the status of a submitted item please click on the link for the corresponding Board of Regents meeting.  Clicking this link will bring up an Excel spreadsheet containing all items received by Academic Affairs and their status in the approval process.  

Academic Year 2014-2015 Items Approved at the Board Level

15-03 Feb 12-13, 2015 BOR

15-02 Nov 6-7, 2014 BOR

15-01 Sept 3, 2014 BOR


Academic Year 2013-2014 Items Approved at the Board Level

14-03 May 1, 2014 BOR

14-02 Jan 30, 2014 BOR

14-01 Oct 31, 2013 BOR