Getting Connected from Home »

Download TAMUS Remote Desktop Connection File
Download and save this file to your desktop. Once saved you can open it from your desktop anytime you need to remote to your work computer.

Please use the help desk icon on your Outlook toolbar to request that you get access to be able to remote to your work machine from home.

Your work computer must be ON for you to remote to it.

You'll need Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 on your home PC.

Getting Connected

In the computer field, you will need to enter the name of the computer you are trying to connect to. Help Desk can help you find your computer name.

  • When entering your username, you must use DOMAIN\USERNAME format.
Using Remote Desktop

Now that you are connected you will be able to interact and view your desktop just as you would sitting at your office desk. You can open email, documents, and even access your Internet Favorites.

Key Things to Remember

  • When you remote in, your office machine will lock so no one can watch what you are doing or be able to use your computer.

  • If you choose Log Off from the Start menu while you are remoted in, you will be completely logged off your computer and any applications will be closed so make sure that you save what you have opened.

  • If you choose Disconnect from the Start Menu or click the X on the drop-down ribbon at the top of the screen, you will remain logged in on the computer. The computer will be locked until either you physically unlock it or reconnect remotely and choose Log Off. The disconnect feature is very helpful if you want to leave a program open so that the next time you remote in it is still waiting for you.