Setting up your iPhone with TAMUS Email »


While ITS does not officially support mobile devices other than BlackBerry, it may be possible to connect an ActiveSync capable phone to the System Offices Exchange server.  This includes devices such as the Apple iPhone and various Windows Mobile or Google Android smartphones.  To reduce complications, it is recommended that the device is running the lastest version of operating software.

Step 1:

Home Screen

From the Home Screen, press the Settings button. It is the icon that looks like a set of gears.

Step 2:

Settings Menu

Once in the Settings screen, slide the page up until you find Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Step 3:

Mail Settings

Click Add Account...

Step 4:

Mail account type

In the Add Account screen, choose Microsoft® Exchange.

Step 5:

Mail account settings

On this screen you will need to enter some information about your account.

  • Email: Use your @tamu email address, such as
  • Domain: SAGO
  • Username: Same username you use to login to your work computer
  • Password: Same password you use to login to your work computer
  • Description: By default, this is your email address. If you are going to add personal email accounts, it might be easier to give it a shorter description, such as My Work.

Once you have all the fields filled in, click Next at the top right of the screen.

Step 6:

Mail account settings

After a few seconds, you will get an error message stating that the iPhone is Unable to Verify Certificate. This is normal, click Cancel.

Step 7:

Mail account settings

Once you cancel the error message, it will return you back to the account input screen. You will notice that there is a new field for a server name. Enter the following into that field.

  • Server:

Click Next again.

Step 8:

Mail account settings

If you correctly typed everything in, you will see that your account has been verified and will take you to a selection screen listing the items you can sync.

  • Mail - This will allow your work email to come to the device.
  • Contacts - This will bring the Contacts you have in your Outlook® to be available on the iPhone. This will also allow you to do Global Address Lookups.
  • Calendars - You will be able to view your Outlook® calendar on your phone as well as send and receive meeting invitations.

Click Done when you are finish. Within the next minute you will begin to see the options you picked began to fill up with the same information as you would see in Outlook®.